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January 02 2020

To be (the danger) or not to be

December 28 2019

Breaking Home
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October 22 2019

99.1% pure
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October 15 2019

cook no more
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December 29 2018

Heisenberg quotes
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nice day for cookin
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Heisenberg Smoke
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November 09 2018

Better call Mr. Wolf
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October 23 2018

heisenberg logo
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April 03 2018

Bad Story
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March 22 2018

Breaking Bert
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March 19 2018

Breaking Cookies
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November 22 2017

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November 16 2017

Heisenberg Empire
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November 11 2017

Remember my name, siempre
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The Blue Methfather
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July 24 2017

Breaking Beavis
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extremely volatile
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I am the danger!
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March 04 2017

Meth Bae
By DeepFriedArt
That internet meme Salt Bae Chef has nothing on this cook!
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